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Transistors as Digital Switches
November 26, 2009, 4:07 pm
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This will be a short post, I promise.  The Lights Out! game requires parts of the circuit to be taken to ground to light up LEDs.  This is a common configuration and a transistor in combination with a resistor or two and your Microcontroller’s I/O pin is enough to make a digital switch.

Honestly, I’m no electrical engineer and I have no formal training in this area, so I haven’t gotten mine to work quite right yet.  I can get the PIC (my favored microcontroller) to turn on said LED, but I haven’t achieved blinking on the Matrix yet.  Which, as you all know, is the proof of mastering  a system.  You have to make that LED blink.

These are the links I’m learning from.  When I get my resistor values correct and the LED blinking I’ll post my diagram and code.  Until then, read up for your own edification:

Pure’s Explanation

code circuits and construction’s explanation focusing on high current circuits

Mike Martel’s General Explanation – Not Microcontroller Oriented.

My friend Rob also tried to explain it, but it’s hard for me to get this sort of thing without pictures.



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I’m looking forward to seeing the final design – looks like a fun project 🙂

Comment by Luke Thompson

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