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Fun Time Eggrolls
November 26, 2009, 3:38 pm
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This blog has two purposes – to share my love of embedded systems design – and FOOD!  The sunchokes never got an interesting recipe.  Instead we ended up making a post-apocalyptic potluck to go with a 70’s vision of the future. (A good list of Post-Apocalyptic movies) We decided on something old, something new, and something I’ve forgotten.

For something old we made home-made soft pretzels.  For something new we made FUN TIME EGGROLLS!  C and me have a great time making Sushi because she’s vegan and I’m nuts.  Whenever we go to make Sushi it turns into a taste experiment, and I hope that FUN TIME EGGROLLS! will be the same in the future.  To make FUN TIME EGGROLLS! you will need 1 stuck caps-lock key and the following ingredients:

1. Sushi Wrappers

2. Strange or Interesting things to wrap.  We like local fresh ingredients like Kale and garlic, but often find ourselves scratching our heads at the Asian Supermarket and saying, “Well, let’s throw it in and see what happens.

You’ll need to heat a pan with oil in it to about medium high temperature.  As with much Asian food, Eggrolls cook quickly and you’ll need to keep an eye on them.

1. Open the package of eggroll wrappers

2. Figure out what you’re going to stuff them with.

3. Cook whatever you’re putting in there (I recommend fresh vegetables – though cabbage and pork are traditional) as much as they need cooking.

4. Wrap them like a diamond shaped burrito, sealing the edges with just a pinch of water.

5. CAREFULLY put them in the oil to cook for about 45 seconds or until brown and slightly warty.

6. Put them on a plate to cool for at least 1 minute before eating – those suckers are dang hot.

7. We encourage you to be creative in your eating.  Use fresh, local, and organic when possible.  Two out of three is an OK compromise.  I hope to hear about some Moose Rolls from our brothers up north and perhaps Iguana Rolls from those reading from Oaxaca Mexico. (That’s not a racist comment, Iguana is a specialty of the region, though I can’t recommend it as anything but an oddity.)


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